Not only do we provide value, but we also want to show you the beauty of the region we fell in love with. 

Silesian voivodeship, with its strong regional identity, combines old mining infrastructure with modern architecture and art. Find out why the world’s key IT companies choose to open their headquarters here and let the beauty of the region charm you!

Full-day tour

11:00 – start at the hotel

12:30 – Nikiszowiec

One of the most interesting old districs in Silesia. A former workers’ housing estate, at the beginning of the 20th century charmed with its modernity and comfort. For the past few years, Nikiszowiec has become an icon of the post-industrial heritage trail and a trendy place to settle by numerous artists and Silesian lovers. The streets with brick houses and red-painted windows create an amazing atmosphere and are used while shooting historical movies.

13:30 – lunch break

14:30 – Guido

When Silesia was experiencing its best times, coal was called “black gold”. Great fortunes were created, magnificent city centers were built along with rich mansions and workers’ housing estates. Today, only a tiny part of the mines remain active – some of them were converted into museums. The Guido Coal Mine in Zabrze and Luiza Adit are one of them. If you want to experience a thrill of riding over 300 meters underground in the original mining szola (elevator) and feel the atmosphere of working in the mine, you must visit this place! There are former mining machines and modern working methods presented. On -320 meters, you can also find a pub, but if you have strong nerve, take part in a special route called “The Darkness of the Mine” which leads you through mining drifts that have remained untouched since the mine had stopped its activity.